Introduction to Swing-Style Drumming

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Product Overview

Introduction to Swing Style Drumming is a system specifically designed to enable beginning drum students to develop the ability to play swing style music. The objective is to develop coordinated independence between the ride cymbal played with the right hand, snare drum played with the left hand, bass drum played with the right foot, and hi hat cymbal played with the left foot. Lessons include 380 rhythm patterns written for snare and bass drum. Four rhythm patterns are written in four measure phrases followed by a sixteen measure summary combining the four patterns. All the rhythm patterns are played independently against the jazz swing beat on the ride cymbal. Every lesson builds on those that came before, giving students a chance to practice what they have learned and reinforcing skills that will be used over and over. Includes audio CD with all the lessons from the book. The objectives of this book are as follows:
  • Develop a solid foundation for playing coordinated independence with hands and feet
  • Develop a feel and concept for playing swing style music
  • Develop the ability to keep perfect time which is the drummer""¿½ï¿½s most important function
  • Develop the ability to feel a four measure phrase
  • Develop the ability to enhance the rhythm and accompaniment parts in swing style music
  • Be prepared to learn more intricate swing beats and play at an advanced level. ©2008, Book & CD, 104 pages.
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