Introduction to Jazz Piano: A Deep Dive

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Publisher: Sher Music

Publisher Code: 218

Series: Consumer/Jazz

Format: Softcover

UPC: 840126939736

Introduction to Jazz Piano: A Deep Dive starts from the beginning and helps you develop all the skills necessary to become a functional jazz pianist. For the dedicated student, this book will be your “bible”! It covers a wide range of subjects: the blues, comping skills, chord voicings from basic to more intriguing ones, strategies for building solid solos, and much more. Accompanying audio files are available for free download. Jeb Patton, long-time pianist for Jimmy Heath and the Heath Bros., is an in-demand New York musician and a recording artist in his own right, as well as the author of several earlier Sher Music Co. books. ©2020, 250 pages

Contents Include:

• 60 Workouts You Can Do with Classic Jazz Recordings

• Triad Study and Application to Folk Songs and the Blues

• Blues Phrasing

• Basic Voicing Techniques

• Comping with Closed Position Voicings

• Intro to Barry Harris's “Little Chords” and Sixth-Diminished Scale Concept

• Comping Games and Exercises

• Comping with Open Position Voicings

• How to Create Solo Piano Arrangements of Standards

• How to Practice Scales

• How to Develop Melodic Building Blocks for Soloing

• Intro to Transcribing and Assimilation Transcriptions.


Jeb Patton is a living treasure, and his new book Introduction to Jazz Piano: A Deep Dive is a generous labor of love as well as being an extremely valuable text for students and pros alike. There is no one today who is a more devoted bridge for Jazz pianists of the present and the future to the language of the 20th century masters than Jeb. As a musical brother, my own heart beams with pride to see this new volume of information so soulfully prepared, because as a Jazz Messenger I can honestly cosign Jeb's entire modus operandi as a most genuine, humble disciple of the music, and as well the most noble and authentic kind of a teacher as can be found.”
— Benny Green

Introduction to Jazz Piano: A Deep Dive is just that. It is an in-depth, refreshing course on deepening one's skill set. It encourages musical exploration in a conceptual way, rather than a one size fits all approach. Highly recommended! ”
— Alan Pasqua

It's difficult to know where and how to begin in the vast language of jazz piano, but Jeb Patton's comprehensive introduction hones in on fundamental concepts that provide a firm foundation for a lifetime of exploration.”
— Aaron Diehl

I like Jeb Patton's new book a lot. It is easy to understand and covers material in a very straight-forward way. He has some new approaches to things and brings in a lot of great information.”
— Larry Dunlap


UPC: 840126939736