Intro to Lead Guitar DVD

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If you play acoustic or electric guitar; Blues or Bluegrass; Jazz or Rock and Roll; this lesson with Orville Johnson covers the fundamentals you need to get started as a lead guitarist. In this lesson, Orville covers the fundamentals needed in a fun, easy to understand lesson that will get your fingers working and your brain thinking as a lead guitarist. Orville covers the following topics:
  • Thinking like a Lead Guitar player
  • Vibrato
  • Building a Solo using movable licks
  • Picking Exercises for the Right Hand
  • Sweep Picking
  • Alternating Picking
  • Harmonized Scales on adjacent and non-adjacent strings
  • Bending Strings - whole steps and half steps
  • Hammer on Licks
  • Sliding phrases
  • Finding and playing melodies
  • Playing Licks vs. Melodies
  • Training Your Ear
  • Spicing Up A Melody ... and more! This is an important lesson for the aspiring rhythm player who wants to do more and a great reminder on what makes a good soloist for the rest of us! ©2008, DVD, 73 minutes. Download now at: Intro to Lead Guitar
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