Instrumental Classmates

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Product Overview

"Instrumental Classmates" is an entertaining, educational, musical adventure. This interactive video series has been developed to assist educators in introducing children to the major musical instrument families and the individual instruments that make music. The host of the series is Pachelbel Johann Sebastian Smith, af fectionately kown as PJ, a s super cool, hip young dude with an intense love for and knowledge of music. In each episode, PJ finds himself in a unique and challenging situation of circumstance that he uses to introduce a particular family of instruments in a fun and entertaining way. PJ is assisted by on-screen graphic called Brain Blasts that reinforce the key points discovered. Supplemental learning materials have been included with the set, and regular updates on the Internet will be available at to assist teachers in developing additional learning plans and activities. This 5 pack video set includes: In Tune With Brass, In Tune with Keyboards, In Tune With Percussion, In Tune With Strings, In Tune With Woodwinds. This interactive video series aimed at children in grades 2-6. ©2001. 5 VHS Video Set.