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Guitar Coach First Lessons Starting with the basics of holding the guitar correctly, this step by step CD ROM includes 10 lessons for complete beginners, over 50 instructional videos, and playing tips. Topics include fingerstyle, classical guitar and, of course, chord strumming. CD ROM 2:
Play Guitar The main method section is the equivalent of a 500-page method book! Includes in-depth beginner instruction (chords, single notes, and tab reading;) a directory of over 1, 200 chords; backing tracks for nine music styles; more in-depth subjects such as scales, modes, arpeggios, transposing and the circle of fifths; and the Scale Finder for playing every scale in every key! Also includes a built-in tuner, and 2, 500 playable tracks. CD ROM 3:
ChordWizard Silver Edition v2.0 Not just a chord reference, this CD lets you find chords with a mouseclick; identify chordshapes you are playing; access theory & scale practice exercises; and even print out chord & scale charts in full color! The ChordWizard even shows chords for banjo, mandolin, ukulele and other stringed instruments! CD ROM 4:
Guitar ProLite Guitar ProLite is a powerful notation and accompaniment program for guitarists (and other fretted instrument players.) Includes a tablature editor for 4 to 7 strings; optional display and printing of standard notation; a chord generator; import/export to MIDI and MIDI playback. System requirements for all of the above CD-ROMs:
  • PC ONLY (No Mac)
  • Windows 95 or higher, including XP
  • Pentium II 233 MHz or faster (350 MHz for "Play Guitar Standard")
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 30 MB HD for Play Guitar Standard; 95 MB for Play Piano Deluxe; 120 MB for Play Guitar Deluxe
  • CD ROM drive (duh)
  • Sound card, speaker, mouse ** 4- PC CD-ROMs. ©2005