How To Play Button Accordion with CD Volume 3

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This edition is a MUST with continuation of the lessons taught in volumes one & two. The one row button-box is more challenging to play due to the limitations of right-hand pitches & left-hand accompaniment. A button-box with two right-hand rows is much easier to play. How to Play Diatonic Button-Accordion * Volume Three by Henry Doktorski teaches how to play the second row of buttons in the right-hand.

About John J. Kimmel: Button Accordion Pioneer • Pitches of the Right Hand • Detail of the Left-Hand Buttons • Detail of Right-Hand Buttons • Pigalle: Add C, D & E • Lili Marleen: Add G, A & B • Blessed Assurance: Add F#, D & B • Colonel Bogey March: Adding Low E • Old Rugged Cross: Use F# on the 2nd Row • Vieni Sul Mar: Add Low G & A • Beautiful Dreamer: Add C# • I've Been Working On The Railroad: Using more pitches on the 2nd Row • Greensleeves (What Child Is This?): Introduce a Minor Key • Hatikvah: Play in A Minor • O Sole Mio: Add Eb • Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey: Accidentals • William Tell Overture: Use Alternate Fingerings • Waves of the Danube: legato vs staccatto • Emperor Waltz: rubato vs strict rhythm • Blue Danube: Articulations. Book & CD