How to Harmonize on the Piano

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A Guide for Complementing Melodies on the Keyboard

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 9781540050601

The topic of applying harmony to melodies can be intimidating to the beginning keyboard player, but it doesn't have to be!

Pianist, composer/arranger, educator, and author Mark Harrison takes you through all the necessary steps for building harmonies to accompany any melody, whether they come from hit tunes or your own original material.

Topics covered include: basic harmonization with triads • harmonization with 7th chords • working with major, minor, and modal tonalities • expanding and enhancing arrangements  • and more.

All of these concepts are demonstrated with over 90 accompanying audio tracks, featuring solo piano, full band, and melody with drums, that span a wide variety of styles! ©2021, 72 pages