How to Build a Chord Solo

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Publisher: Grossman's Guitar Workshop

Product Number: GW421

Format: DVD

UPC: 796279114608

Chord soloing (playing chords and melody at the same time) is one of the most beautiful sounding and fun things you can do on guitar...if you know how! In this 90 minute video lesson, Fred shows you how to make up your own arrangements in the chord/melody style - playing melodies on the treble strings and supporting them with chords. You'll learn two arrangements of each song. One with first position chords and one up-the-neck playing moveable chords. There's also plenty of music theory, lots of new chord shapes and several ways to play each chord. General knowledge about navigating the fretboard is included!

Fred plays very well-known songs to illustrate the chord/melody method: 
Red River Valley
Amazing Grace 
Careless Love 
Take Me Out To The Ball Game 
Nine Pound Hammer
For Me and My Gal 
Let The Rest Of The World Go By  

When you follow the arrangement method Fred lays out, you'll be able to play these songs in any key...and, hopefully, make up similar arrangements of your own favorite songs.

A PDF book has all the arrangements written out in tab, music and chord grids, and there's a song sheet for each tune, with lyrics and chords. So you can sing and play the songs in addition to playing instrumental solos. Split-screen closeups of both hands make it easy to see what Fred is doing. DVD is region 0 playable worldwide. ©2022


UPC: 796279114608