How to Become a Live Audio Mixer

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Product Overview

7 Secrets of a Hollywood Live Audio Mixer Who Does Live Events Every Month!

This book goes through an incredible amount of info for beginning in the show business industry as a Live Mixer.

Throughout the guide, the reader can expect to learn learn the basics of acoustics and the way that sound behaves scientifically, how equipment reacts to different environments, how to setup a stage properly, and succeed in a very competitive industry. The book is written based on real experience to get anyone looking to step foot in this industry ahead with knowledge that takes time and dedication to even begin to learn. After reading this book the reader will be able to feel confident and know what to expect as an entry level worker in show business, and become the Live Audio Mixer that he/she wants to be!

About the Expert: Michael Napoli (HowExpert writer) has been Live Mixing as an Audio Engineer for over two years in the Hollywood scene. He has worked Musicals, Rock Concerts, Plays and more and it all began in High School through a dedicated technical theatre class where he just picked up on Audio and Live Mixing right away. Over the years as his ears developed and his interest grew he began producing his own music and bands as well. Today he is live mixing gigs every month enjoying every minute of it and he is also producing music.

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