How to Be a Pirate in Seven Easy Songs

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This reproducible mini-musical introduces an ornery, yet sweet Captain and a reliable First Mate who transform landlubber students into pirates. Through story and song, the shipmates dress in pirate costume, raise the Jolly Roger flag, spy with telescopes, find buried treasure, and show "thar" pride in a raucous pirate party. This kit of lovely loot contains a director's score, reproducible singer's parts, performance ideas, instructions for prop creation, and an Enhanced StudioTrax CD that includes accompaniment and performance recordings, an event poster, program, artwork for t-shirts and more. Other booty included in the kit are the Seven Rules of Bein' a Good Pirate, A Pirate's Vocabulary, Rules for Speakin' Like a Pirate, and a Pirate's Hall of Fame. Your presentation is sure to be a swashbucklin' showstopper! This original mini-musical is fast-paced, funny, and perfect for any size group, whether presented as a full stage production or with a smaller ensemble on risers. There's even a song to pull a "special" buccaneer from the audience to join in the fun! Performance time is approximately 20 minutes. Book- 92 pages + CD (includes reproducible pages for the classroom, A/P CD and enhanced features on the CD) ©2009.