How To Be A Hit Songwriter

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You've written what you think is a great melody, what you hope is a strong lyric, and you've cut what sounds to you like a killer track. But how do you know if it's a hit? And what do you do with it if it is? Your only option is "How to Be a Hit Songwriter", essential reading for advanced songwriters.Molly-Ann Leikin is the award-winning songwriter/songwriting consultant who helps good songwriters all over the world become hit songwriters. Whether your work just needs a little rewriting, polishing or some strong connections, Leikin will guide you step by step to the top of the charts.In "How to Be a Hit Songwriter" she offers expert advice and exercises, including Seven Easy Steps to Writing Hit Lyrics. The book features inside information that can turn your song into a potential hit. What's more, she's interviewed music industry power players who share tips that are essential to all developing artists.

Molly-Ann Leikin has a houseful of gold and platinum records, an Emmy nomination and four ASCAP Country Music Awards. She wrote themes and songs for 35 TV shows and movies, including Eight Is Enough and Violet; the latter won an Oscar. Her songs have been recorded by Cher, Tina Turner, Anne Murray, Placido Domingo and hundreds of other top artists. She lives in Los Angeles. ©2003, 192 pages.