How To Be A DJ

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How to Be a DJ delves into the main categories of being a Disc Jockey: Radio, Nightclub and Bar, and Private Affair DJ. The National Association of Mobile Entertainers states that there are already sixty thousand mobile DJs in the US alone, not including bar and nightclub DJs. In an effort to either get started on the right foot or advance to the next level of their career, this significantly large number of new DJs entering the field are all looking for information on music, equipment, and a direction pertaining to each of the individual DJ fields. Fun and lighthearted while tremendously informative, the discussion of the responsibilities of each DJ genre is intended to help readers decide which type of DJ they should be if it hasn't been decided already. With practice techniques and tips on how to master equipment, this book sets out to inform readers on how to achieve success and sharpen their strategy in this competitive market. 310 pages.