House of Blues - Beginner Acoustic Guitar DVD

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The House of Blues and the producers of The Rock House Method® have joined together to offer this unique and comprehensive beginner acoustic program. This jam packed instructional DVD covers the complete spectrum of techniques and components that will have you playing today. The one-on-one lessons with world renowned instructor and guitarist Kevin McCreery start with the basics of holding and tuning your guitar, then guide you step-by-step through chords, strum patterns, scales, song rhythms, finger picking, and more. The program includes full bass and drum backing tracks for you to play along with. While learning how to play the guitar you'll also have fun learning about the history and famous pioneers of acoustic guitar. Also offers Free online web membership to for 24 hour lesson support. Ask the Teacher, Interactive Tools, Sheet Music, Student Forums, Download Backing Tracks, Tuner, Metronome and much more! ©2005, DVD. Download now at: House of Blues Beginner - Acoustic Guitar