Home Studio Setup - Everything You Need to Know from Equipment

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Whether you have a ton of equipment or just the basic gear this book offers an all you need to know to setting up, running and getting great sound from a project studio. In three parts Harris walks you through Acoustics, Equipment and Recording Technique. From the basics of acoustic treatment to techniques to solve problems specific to your room, and from offering explanations and information of equipment to how to record and create a great mix. In no time you'll be recording, producing great music in your very own studio. Features:
  • Provides information on how to make the right decisions when buying and installing equipment, learn how to set up a quality studio.
  • Covers recording technique, teaches how to make high quality mixes.
  • Covers acoustics and studio design, understand acoustics without going down the road of becoming a professional acoustician. Ben Harris is an instructor of recording and music production at the University of Colorado at Denver, certified Pro Tools instructor, and recording engineer/producer. He spends a portion of his time providing tech support for project and professional recording studios. He is involved with vtc.com, authoring tutorials on "Digidesign Pro Tools 7" and "Audio Recording and Production". ©2009, 200 pages.
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