Home Studio Mastering

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Product Overview

Format: Softcover

Home Studio Mastering is a step-by-step manual that gives you all the tools to professionally master your music yourself.

It demystifies the subject in a hands-on way for those working in a home studio and provides comprehensive guidance, from buying equipment and applying acoustical treatment, to using different audio applications and mastering plug-ins.

The book is accompanied by five mastering plug-ins (VST/AU/AAX for Mac and PC), to facilitate your personal mastering sessions from start to finish.

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments Part I – Setting Up Your Home Studio 1. Mastering 2. Your own mastering studio 3. Acoustics 4. Hardware 5. Software 6. Mastering workflow Part II - Home Studio Mastering Techniques 7. Preparing your session 8. Restoration 9. Tonal balance 10. Width and depth 11. Dynamics 12. Loudness 13. The final master Part III - One Hour Mastering Workshop Appendix A - Mastering dictionary Index

J.D. Young began producing music in his home studio at the age of fifteen, and later on started producing music professionally. From the beginning of his career onward, he always felt drawn to the mysterious art of mastering. He researched the topic extensively and over the years he managed to optimize his mastering workflow, overcoming the challenges of working in a home studio. He wrote everything down in his book Home Studio Mastering, eager to share his experiences with other home studio producers. Besides writing his book, he also professionally develops audio plug-ins for different companies around the world, and is the founder and lead-developer of his own small software company that creates plug-ins for mastering.

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