Hip-Hop Production - Inside the Beats

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Includes Downloadable Audio for Production Practice!

Publisher: Berklee Press

Product Number: 50449582

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 9780876392119

Learn to produce hip-hop tracks! This book traces the technological evolution of hip-hop from its inception to contemporary times, from its roots in New York and L.A. to its variations worldwide. You will explore the hits of the major eras and regional subgenres of hip-hop, identifying the production practices and products that defined each stylistic sound. Directed practice exercises and downloadable online audio tracks will give you hands-on experience with hip hop's classic tools, while you develop your own production style.

From “Rappers Delight” to “Old Town Road,” from Afrika Bambaataa to Drake, from Kanye West to DJ Mustard, from Salt-N-Pepa to Cardi B., you'll learn the tools and techniques of hip-hop's most influential producers and learn many ways to lend authenticity and life to your own beats! ©2022, 160 pages