Hip Guitar Lines

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The Lines, Fingerings and Ideas That Will Transform Your Playing

Format: Softcover - TAB

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

ISBN: 978-15134-6573-9

The Hip Guitar Lines book is a window and a gateway into learning and applying advanced jazz vocabulary on the guitar. It is intended to be a resource that a jazz guitarist of any level can use to take another step. Each line is laid out clearly with its application and TAB fingering.

If you have wanted to know the secret lines that the Master musicians know...if you have been looking for a way to grow your ears and musical vocabulary.... if you have wondered how to take a musical leap....this is your moment. The key to rapid and amazing musical growth is in your hands. Now, go to work and have fun. I wrote this book for you. I am here to help. ©2020, 120 pages



I. Non-Altered Minor
 - Arpeggio Shapes
 - Smalls Intervals
 - Fourth Intervals
 - Wide Intervals
 - Passing Tones
II. Minor/Major and Altered Minor Lines
 - Minor/Major 7 (Melodic Minor)
 - Minor/Major 7 with f7
 - Minor/Major 7 with Passing Tones
 - Altered Minor
 - In and Out-of-Key Harmony
III. Non-Altered Dominant
IV.Altered Dominant
 - Altered Scale/Lydian Dominant
 - Half-Whole Diminished Scale
 - Scalar Patterns
 - Arpeggios
 - Major Triads
 - Diminished with Passing Tones
 - Anything Goes
V.II-V-I Type Progressions
 - Group A: II-V-I Lines
 - Group B: I-VI-II-V Lines
VI. Tricky Business
 - Patterned Chromatic Skating
 - Patterned Intervallic Atonality
 - Programmed Outness
 - Chord/Scale Classification
 - Application of Terminology to Scales and Chords
 - Classification of Diminished and Augmented Chords
 - Superimposing Diatonic 7th Chords
 - Some Altered Dominant Scales
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