Hidden Sounds Book II: The Power of Imitation Interpreting Instruments And Effects Pedals on Guitar

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Format: Coil Bound

Publisher Code: JG HS02

Using the TouchShapeMove Guitar Method, the Hidden Sounds Series includes a Quick Reference for beginners, a section on the History of the Guitar, and a Glossary.  Every chapter offers a brief history of the technique in question, an explanation of how to perform the technique, a series of examples and excerpts from original pop, rock, jazz, folk and world music compositions that demonstrate the practical use of techniques, and, finally, a challenge for the guitarist to expand these exercises and make them their own.

Book II, The Power of Imitation: Interpreting Instruments And Effects Pedals On The Guitar, uses a variety of the techniques introduced in Book I and advances them through a process of imitation. We show that by attempting to imitate the tones or sounds of other instruments we discover new sonic possibilities on the guitar and new ways to physically play the guitar.  Instruments that are imitated include the mandolin, the charango, the banjo, the DJ record scratch, and many more.

70 pages


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