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A Guide to Getting Music Placements in Film, TV and Media

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Product Number: 00386936

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781493061112

Songwriters/composers/producers Tracey and Vance Marino have been wildly successful placing their more than three thousand music compositions in various media. They are signed with over sixty different production music libraries and music publishers, and their music is heard daily across the globe.

This guide brings together – in one book – all you need to know about writing, recording, marketing, and monetizing your music. Getting placements in film, TV, and media is not only about writing good music, it's about writing placeable music. And, after you have written placeable music, what do you do with it? Where do you find the decision-makers? How do you get all the money to which you are entitled? This book delivers the answers.

Having music placed in various media is an extraordinarily financially lucrative area of the music business. And the Marinos are willing now to share their tips, secrets, and the steps to follow in order to succeed in the sync world. ©2022, 284 pages