Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Selections from

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Bonus Selection by John Williams Series: Piano/Vocal/Chords Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix made its much-anticipated appearance in theaters this summer, delighting audiences of all ages. Harry Potter has been a magical hero for years, both in print and on-screen, and he is back casting more spells in the latest film, the fifth in a series of seven productions. Grossing nearly 400 million dollars already, popular does not begin to describe its status. Watching the characters from J.K. Rowling" s book come alive is made only more delightful by the extraordinary soundtrack that enhances Harry, Hermione, Ron, and all the other characters" adventures. We present this selection of songs from the soundtrack to the major motion picture. The music includes song lyrics, melody line, and chord changes with professionally arranged piano accompaniment. Titles are Dumbledore's Army * Fireworks * Flight of the Order of the Phoenix * Loved Ones & Leaving * The Ministry of Magic * Professor Umbridge * The Room of Requirement. ©2007.