Harry Chapin Sheet Music Collection

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VERSION: Piano/Vocal/Chords A moving account of Chapin" s legacy as a pioneering "story song" writer, performer, and philanthropist is followed by sheet music for 24 of his most beloved songs, several of which were never available as sheet music until now. Titles: 30, 000 Pounds of Bananas * A Better Place to Be * Caroline * Cat's in the Cradle * Circle * Flowers Are Red * I Want to Learn a Love Song * Jenny * Last Stand * Mr. Tanner * November Rains * Remember When the Music * Sandy * She Sings Songs Without Words * Shooting Star * Song Man * Story of a Life * Sunday Morning Sunshine * Tangled Up * Puppet * Taxi * W*O*L*D * When I Look Up * You Are the Only Song * You Own the Only Light. ©2009