Happy Traum Teaches The Blues Guitar of Brownie McGhee

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Songs and Techniques Passed Down from a Master Bluesman. Brownie McGhee's blues guitar influenced generations of players around the world. Happy Traum learned directly from this master bluesman, and he makes Brownie's songs and techniques accessible to all aspiring acoustic blues players. Songs: I'm Gonna Tell God How You Treat Me, Move to Kansas City, Betty and Dupree, Me and My Dog, Sporting Life, Living with the Blues, Key to the Highway, Blood Red River, Careless Love, Pawnshop Blues. BONUS TRACKS: Brownie McGhee demonstrates 11 songs and techniques in never-before-heard audio recordings, recently discovered in Happy's personal archives! INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB, LEVEL 3, 150 MIN. ©2008, DVD.