Hands-On Guide to Streaming Media, Second Edition

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Product Overview

This book describes the steps for creating an on-demand and live streaming video in an all-in-one refernce guide for new users and companies that need introduced to the technology. After reading this book, you will understand:
  • How the Internet works in relation to streaming media
  • Client/server technology, specifically related to streaming media
  • Strengths and limits of streaming media, including best uses for the technology
  • Choices of streaming media content creation tools Contents:
    1. Quick Start: Your First Streaming Media File
    2. The Building Blocks of Streaming Media
    3. Producing Audio & Video
    4. Audio & Video Production Techniques
    5. Encoding Audio and Video
    6. Working with Streaming Media Files
    7. Distribution
    8. Linking to Your Streaming Files
    9. Embedded Players
    10. Alternative Systems
    11. Advanced Topics
    12. Case Studies (MS, Real, QT, and Flash 8) ©2006, 336 pages.
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