Handbook for Sound Engineers, 5th Edition

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Product Overview

This book is a MUST READ for anyone involved in the Audio Industry.

The Fifth Edition, edited by Glen Ballou, features contributions from top audio professionals, including: David Miles Huber on MIDI, Bill Whitlock on audio transformers and preamplifiers, Steve Dove on consoles, DAWs, and computers, Pat Brown on fundamentals, gain structures, and test and measurement, Ray Rayburn on virtual systems, digital interfacing, and preamplifiers, Ken Pohlmann on compact discs, and Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert on computer-aided sound system design and room-acoustical fundamentals for auditoriums and concert halls.

This edition will provide you with the most up-to-date information on audio engineering, including:

* Ken Pohlmann’s Subjective Methods for Evaluating Sound Quality,

* S. Benjamin Kanters’s Hearing Physiology — Disorders — Conservation,

* Steve Barbar’s Surround Sound for Cinema,

* Doug Jones’s Worship Styles in the Christian Church,

Also completely revamped staples like Ron Baker and Jack Wrightson’s Stadiums and Outdoor Venues,

* Pat Brown’s Sound System Design,

* Bob Cordell’s Amplifier Design,

* Hardy Martin’s Voice Evacuation/Mass Notification Systems, and Tom Danley and Doug Jones’s Loudspeakers.

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