Höfner Violin Beatle Bass - 2011 Edition, Hardcover

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The 500/1 Hofner Violin Bass is celebrating its 55th anniversary, so celebrate with the only book that is dedicated to this guitar. The 2011 Edition features hardcover format, all color and updated with new McCartney photos and letter from the daughter of the founder of Hofner guitars. The book offers scholarly detail of the fabled history of McCartney playing the two left-handed 500/1 basses. McCartney used the 1961 bass until the recording of With the Beatles in late 1963, when he obtained his second 500/1. He used his 1963 bass almost exclusively during the Beatles' touring career. Although by 1966 McCartney had begun using a Rickenbacker bass in-studio, he did break out his 1961 model for the ""€œRevolution” promo film in 1968 and for the documentary Let It Be the following year. During the shooting, however, the 1961 bass was stolen, and McCartney used the 1963 Höfner for the remainder of the film, including the famous rooftop performance. McCartney has continued to use that Höfner extensively throughout his solo career and continues to use it today. It's a fascinating story that all Beatle fans and vintage guitar enthusiasts will enjoy. ""©2011, Hardcover, 40 pages.