Guitar World: Metal and Thrash Lead Guitar DVD

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Series: Guitar World


Format: DVD
Level: Intermediate

Learn to shred like the world's greatest virtuoso metal guitarists! You will learn: combining minor scales and arpeggios to craft exotic licks, alternate and sweep picking, palm muting and pinch harmonics, tapping and legato phrasing, string bending and vibrato, classical-style shred runs, harmonic squeals, whammy bar tricks, and much more with Guitar World: Metal and Thrash Lead Guitar by Dave Reffett!

Dave Reffett is a hard rock and heavy metal guitarist, singer, producer and bassist. Reffett is best known as the singer, lead guitarist, and producer of the album The Call of the Flames from his project Shredding The Envelope. His music mixes thrash metal and hard rock with very technical and bluesy guitar playing.