Guitar Techniques

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This book/CD pack for beginners to pros is the first to cover the entire wide-ranging spectrum of guitar techniques necessary to be a complete, well-rounded player. More than a book of tricks, "Guitar Techniques" is a terrific reference and teaching companion, as it clearly defines and demonstrates how to properly execute cool moves ranging from bending, vibrato and legato to tapping, whammy bar and playing with your teeth! The CD contains 92 demonstration tracks in country, rock, pop and jazz styles. If it bends, slides, warbles or pops, you'll find it in this book! Essential techniques covered include: Fretting, Standard Strumming, Hammer-On, Pull-Offs, Trills, Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, Economy Picking, Travis Picking, Classical Vibrato, Floating Vibrato, Single-Finger Tapping, Multifinger Tapping, Single-String Bends, Ghost Bends, Double-Stop Bends, Unison Bends, Tap Harmonics, Natural Harmonics, Palm Harmonics, Fret-hand Muting, Whammy Bar Vibrato, Extreme Whammy, Slide Guitar, Attacked Slides, Slurred Slides, Bending Behind the Nut, Volume Swells, Pick Scrapes, Palm Muting, Slap and Pop Guitar, Chord Plucking· Playing with Your Teeth, and more! Written by "GuitarOne" columnist Michael Mueller. ©2000, 64 pages.