Guitar Player's Guide to Creating Solos DVD

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The techniques covered in the Guitar Player's Guide to Creating Solos DVD are: - Finding the chords by ear - Finding the melody by ear - Playing the melody and adding harmonic and rhythmic content by learning the basic "Carter Style" approach - Learning how to "supercharge" the Carter style by examining how to subdivide the beat with strumming variations and neighboring single string articulations, adding crosspicking, and using a "toggle note" or drone string. - Learning how to use straight scale runs to embellish the melody - Learning how to use "folded scales" - Learning how to apply the cross picking technique - Learning how to apply the use of harmonized scales in the form of double-stops and harmonized scale runs - Learning how to integrate all of the above and embellish all of the above with slides, pull-offs, hammer-ons, slides, and bends ""©2011, DVD 102 minutes