Guitar Chord Cards

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Product Overview

These cards for guitarists can be used as flashcards in teaching situations; or as reminders for beginning guitarists. (Pull out just the cards you need, and spread them out on the floor to read as you strum through your favorite song!) About the size of regular playing cards (though a bit looonger to accommodate the guitar neck diagrams, ) these cards are long-lasting, laminated, and feature full-colour photos and diagrams. CHORD CARDS
  • 52 cards.
  • Side A features a photo of the chord being played; the chord name (ex. "A7, ") and a brief explanation of uses for the chord ("A7 is much used in folk, country and blues, and is especially useful for moving to D or Dm, or alternating to Em.")
  • Side B features a diagram of the chord shown on a guitar neck, with muted & open strings marked, and with fingerings. The formal name of the chord ("A dominant 7th") is also listed.
  • The following chords are covered:
    Major and dominant 7th chords in A, B (dom 7th only), C, D, E, F (major only) & G;
    Minor and minor 7th chords in A, D and E;
    Major 7th chords in A, C, D, E, F & G.
  • Also includes movable chords: minor 7ths, sus7ths, sus, minor 7th b5, 6ths, 7 b13, 7/13, aug, dim, maj7 #11, 7 b5, maj7, 9th, 7 b9, 7 #9, power chords and barre chords. ©2007.
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