Guitar Amplifier Encyclopedia

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This book is for the fans of guitar amplifiers and the history that lies behind them. Starting with early amp models like the Gibson EH-150 that was first used with Gibson's EH-150 lap-steel guitar and later the Charlie Christian ES-150 guitar, it then delves into the development of Fender, Vox, and Orange amps, and goes right up to the modern boutique designers like Industrial, Dr. Z, Fargen and Fuchs. Also featured are such tube amp classics as the Seymour Duncan Convertible head, ahead of its time in offering tube-switching before THD Amps existed.

Other amp designers profiled include:

-Seymour Duncan
-And many, many more!

Emmy Award-winning guitarist, composer, and producer Brian Tarquin takes on the unique subject matter of the electric guitar's sidekick and partner-in-crime to create this informative and enthralling reference guide. Interviews with various amp makers as well as players, and a foreword by Michael Molenda (Guitar Player magazine), will all bring the reader closer to those glowing tubes and tones.

Guitar Amplifier Encyclopedia provides an expansive education on all the best amps' every nuance, and how they each changed the history of sound!

Brian Tarquin is a multiple Emmy Award-winning TV composer/recording artist and owner of Jungle Room Studios. He been honored by the SESAC Network Television Performance Award, appeared on the Billboard charts, and had several Top 10 Smooth Jazz Radio hits. Tarquin's boutique record label, BHP Music, Ltd., released the Guitar Master Series featuring such guitar legends as Jeff Beck, B. B. King, Santana, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Stanley Clarke, Billy Sheehan, and Steve Vai. Tarquin is the author of several book, including Guitar Encyclopedia (Allworth Press), winner of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards, in the Performing Arts category.

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