Guide to Postproduction for TV and Film, Second Edition

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Manage the postproduction process with this step-by-step guide.Learn how to stay on budget and on schedule with helpful forms, flowcharts, and checklists. Find out how the latest developments in high definition, e-cinema, and acquisitions are changing the post world.Are you an associate producer who needs to juggle projects and vendors while keeping on top of the latest trends and formats? Or an independent filmmaker who can't afford a misstep in the crucial postproduction phase? Take a step back and get a clear overview of the process.This guide will show you how to navigate each step in taking a TV or film project from production to final delivery. Start by getting a handle on the critical issues of budgets and schedules. From there, you'll learn the smoothest way to manage dailies, sound, editing, and completion. Detailed instructions and checklists for film, video, and High Definition procedures will teach you new ways of doing things and help you avoid costly errors. The second edition is fully updated and information-packed. Thereis extensive new material on high definition as it affects dailies, editing, and delivery. The chapter on the film laboratory has been expanded further to include discussions on troubleshooting film damage and YCMs, which are so important in maintaining film assets. The latest information on film restoration, digital technologies, acquisitions, and a chapter on what's on the horizon round out the update.Contents:
Scheduling; Budgeting; The Film Laboratory; Dailies; Editorial (Film and Off-Line Editing); On-Line Editing; Sound; Completion; Delivery; Legal; Acquisitions; Current Issues in Postproduction. ©2002, 355 pages.