Gregg Bissonette - Musical Drumming in Different Styles DVD

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Popular drummer and teacher Gregg Bissonette teaches his highly successful approach to creating musically supportive drum parts in virtually any studio or live drumming situation. Drawing on his experience with artists from Maynard Ferguson, Don Henley and Santana to Toto, Linda Ronstadt and Ringo Starr, plus his own solo projects, this 4-hour, 2-DVD set defines what "playing for the music" really means. Includes 8 band tracks from Gregg's two solo albums, in small and big band jazz, funk, Afro-Cuban, samba, blues shuffle, fusion and rock styles. Gregg discusses his interpretation of the music along with the specific drum set-ups, grooves and fills he chooses, followed by exercises and complete song performances with a top-notch band. Bonus topics include playing odd times and "in clave, " articulating in fast tempos and with a big band, the importance of being professional at gigs, an analysis of the late Tony Williams' style and influence, and more. DVD features include: various camera options; alternate edits to isolate Gregg's bass drum part; printable PDF files with written transcriptions of each exercise/example and of the main grooves and fill from the band tracks; and more! ""©2005, DVD. Download now at: Gregg Bissonette: Musical Drumming