Going Solo:Vol. 1 - Basic Guitar Soloing DVD

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Product Overview

With the release of Basic Guitar Soloing, the first DVD in the new Going Solo series, the SongXpress method has just filled in the missing piece to your playing. Now you can fill in all those great solo spots with your own improvised playing! With this incredibly simple, easy-to-learn approach to playing lead guitar, you will learn all the basics needed to get you up and soloing, such as: the most common scale patterns, how to solo in any key, soloing in different styles, how to interchange scales within a solo, basic theory behind keys and scales, and how to practice. DVD special features include: solo demonstrations with analysis, play-along practice tracks in many different styles, MP3 downloads of all practice tracks, printable PDF files of all on-screen scale graphics, lead guitar workout, tuning segment, bonus performances by B.B King and Frank Gambale, additional product previews, and Internet connectivity. ©2004, DVD.