Go MO! Instant Guide To Making Music On The Yamaha MO 6 & 8 DVD

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Product Overview

Go MO! is 90 minutes plus of hands-on instruction and explanation about the Yamaha MO 6 & MO 8 synthesizers. Using real people and real applications Go MO! looks at the main activities you want to undertake on a hardware instrument, playing live, drum programming, using the built-in arpeggios (and how to create new ones) loop recording and more, and shows you what to do in plain English, with dynamic images and screens, and custom music originally composed on the MO. Go MO! takes a brand new approach to the business of "video manuals." Although all the main features are covered the program doesn" t just seek to illustrate the owners manual with jargon and parameter lists. Instead the program tackles practical situations and tasks, concentrating on the parameters you need to know now. This "need-to-know" approach lets you build up your skill set Scene-by-Scene. Each Scene concludes with a handy "Key Concepts" revision of the main topics covered. By the end of the program viewers will have an excellent grasp of how the MO operates and what can be accomplished. Importantly, this firm grounding lets users develop additional skills as their needs arise. Music for Go MO! was recorded specifically for the program and a weblink has been created at so that viewers can download (for free) some of the Patterns and Songs that were created. DVD, 90 minutes.