Gig Guide: Blues Set

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The Gig Guides series is designed to provide musicians with a blueprint for building bands. We select the songs, put 'em in order, and show you how to play 'em. The format is simple; there are no unwieldy note-for-note scores to sightread or complicated theory to understand. Just here's the lead sheet, here are the parts you really need to know, and away you go! This book/CD packs are the ultimate do-it-yourself kit for gigging musicians and up-and-coming performers alike. Can be used by a full band or individual players. "Blues Set" features 12 songs: Boom Boom, Born Under a Crosscut Saw, Darlin', You Know I Love You, I'm Tore Down, Killing Floor, Rock Me Baby, The Thrill Is Gone, and more. The CD includes full-band demos of each song so you can hear what you should be sounding like. ©2002, 80 pages. Book & CD.