Getting Into Blues Violin

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This book offers a comprehensive workshop in Blues violin and specifically, improvisation techniques. Licks, scales, patterns, ear training and rhythmic exercises are introduced and reinforced on the book CD. Original tunes by the author that address the various technical challenges in addition to old blues standards for building repertoire are also found throughout the book. The influence of the Blues on Swing, Bluegrass, Cajun and Gypsy styles is shown followed by tributes to the great blues violinists of the past and present and includes a brief bio of each. Finally, a section touches on more advanced ways to create and vary a break. This book is generally on an intermediate level and both violinists who have been playing for a few years and serious classical players can benefit from this book. It offers an easygoing and at times, humorous touch. ©2007, Book & CD, 88 pages.