Fretboard Studies for the Improvising Mandolinist

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If you want to improve your knowledge of the mandolin fretboard - then this is the book for you! Included in the studies are scales, arpeggios, patterns, intervallic exercises and progressions. A series of tunes are also included - so you can start to play right away. Topics covered include: Keys ""€“ Circle of 5ths Major Scale. Modes Diatonic 7th Chords Tremolo and Pick Direction Exploring the Possibilities Major Scales. Major Scales 2 Octaves Major Scales ""€“ Up One Key Down the Next Major Scale Variations Single String Exercises. Single String Scales Single String Triplets Single String Variations 2 String Exercises. Double Stops in 3rds and 6ths 2 String 2nd Interval Variation 2 String 3rd Interval Variation 2 String 4th Interval Variation 2 String 6th Interval Variation 2 String 7th Interval Variation 2 String Octave Variation. Diatonic 7th Chord Scales ""€“ Root Position Arpeggios Diatonic 7th Chords 2 Octaves, Start with 1st Finger Diatonic 7th Chord Arpeggios, Start with 3rd Finger Diatonic 7th Chord Arpeggios, Start with 4th Finger Chromatic Scales Diminished Scales and Variations Half / Whole Step Diminished Scales, Arpeggios and Variations Whole Tone Scale and Variations ""©2013