Flatpicking Up the Neck

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A thorough and practical approach to understanding the upper positions on the fingerboard for the flatpicking guitarist. Chord shapes, scale patterns, position studies, and repertoire teach guitarists to visualize how melodies and chords work together up the neck. Concepts presented here are invaluable for arranging and improvising in the flatpicking idiom. Written in standard notation and tablature, with an accompanying audio CD. Guitarists will learn a system for organizing chords and scales up the neck, as well as moving horizontally between positions. Open strings are blended with upper position notes in keeping with the flatpicking style, and concepts are applied to real music through tunes and variations. Concepts presented are transferrable to other styles of music besides flatpicking.
  • Thorough and practical approach to playing up the neck.
  • Guitarists learn how melodies and chords work together.
  • Invaluable concepts for arranging and improvisation.
  • Tunes and variations provide practical application for the material. ©2010, Book & CD, 56 pages.
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