First Three Songs ... No Flash

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Four Decades of Rock Concert Photography. This is a keepsake edition of the 20th Century's living legends of the rock and pop culture, as photographed by one of the most enduring and best loved female "pit" photographers of our age, Dee Lippingwell. No flash allowed, no retakes possible, each image was captured as the artists performed their music live and on stage. Although the photographs are the heart of the book, Lippingwell's brief asides about her encounters with the saints and sinners of rock are its soul. Her recollections of freeze framing the headline-grabbing icons of our times is an enjoyalbe read for the generations of fans who have given this music genre the on-the-edge sophistication it deserves. With four decades of shooting all the major rock acts worldwide, Lippingwell has accumulated thousands of photos and almost as many memories to go along with them. "First Three Songs ... No Flash" is a humorous, poignant, revealing and occasionally embarrassing memoir of one photographer's encounters with rock and roll aristocracy. ""©2012