First Lessons Voice

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Series: First Lessons

Product Number: 22248M

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-07866-9382-5

Just like a guitar, saxophone, piano, clarinet or flute, the voice is an instrument that requires training and education if one wishes to improve upon their natural ability. Understanding the parts of the voice, how it functions and routinely practicing will help one's voice gain flexibility, agility, a wider range, and ultimately more control to consistently sing what you hear in your head. With this book you will gain the knowledge of how your voice as an instrument and body part functions, what contributes to proper vocal health, how your breathing system works and the technique to strengthen your breathing. Through the many exercises and songs included on the companion audio as well, you will have the accompaniment for a guided lesson to practice each day and improve your vocal abilities. Includes access to online audio.


Introduction: Basic Techniques of Singing
Fundamentals of Music
Time Signatures
Chords, Triads, Scales and Arpeggios
The Physical Act of Singing
Exercise 1
Initial Checklist
Guidelines to Vocal Health
Exercise 2A
Exercise 2B
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Other Exercises
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7 Part A
Exercise 7 Part C
Exercise 7 Part B
Exercise 7 Part D
Exercise 8
Exercise 9
Exercise 10
Amazing Grace
Wildwood Flower
Gold Watch and Chain
Angel Band
Wayfaring Stranger
Ease My Mind
Travelin' With You
Willow Tree