First Lessons Snare Drum

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Series: First Lessons

Format: Softcover & Online Audio
Difficulty: Beginning
First Lessons Snare Drum is a proven approach for beginners featuring easily-understood lessons. Designed for independent study, private teaching or classroom use, this book provides all the information and instruction needed for those just starting out on the snare drum. Includes access to online audio.
Getting Acquainted with Your Equipment
How to Hold Your Drumsticks: Matched Grip/Traditional Grip
Choosing Drumsticks and The Balance Point
Stick Positions and Tuning the Snare Drum
Daily Playing Exercise
Exercise No. 1 - Downstrokes
Alternating the Right and Left Hand
Exercise No. 2
Quarter Notes, Bars, and Rests
Exercise No. 3
The Bounce Stroke
Exercise No. 4
Time Signatures
Exercise No. 5
Exercise No. 6 - Change Meters as You Go
Exercise No. 7 - Bounce Along
Playing Whole Notes, Half Notes and Ties
Exercise No. 8
Putting Them All Together
Exercise No. 9 - Duets
Exercise No. 10 - Bounces with Half and Quarter Notes
Half-Way Quiz
Play Some/Rest Some
Exercise No. 11
Exercise No. 12 - Rest Together (Duet)
Exercise No. 13 - Pogo Stick (Bounce and Rest)
Exercise No. 14 - “Magic 16” (with Bounces)
Eighth Notes
Exercise No. 15 - “Magic 16” (with 8th Notes)
Eighth Rests
Exercise No. 16 - “Magic 16” (with 8th Rests)
Introducing Percussion Notation
Exercise No. 17 - Bounce the 8ths (Bounce in 4)
Exercise No. 18 - Bounce in 3
Exercise No. 19 - Bounce in 2
Using 6/8 Time
Exercise No. 20 - 6/8 Time
Repeats and Endings
Exercise No. 21 - Repeats and Endings
Exercise No. 22 - First and Second Endings
Final Exam
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