Finale 2005 Power!

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Product Overview

Music notation can be a tough task to master. Finale is the ultimate tool for conquering it. And now you have the ultimate guide for mastering Finale 2005! With Finale 2005 Power!, you" ll learn how to create professional-quality sheet music with Finale quickly and efficiently. Begin by establishing a solid understanding of Finale's framework. Then get ready to master the everyday shortcuts and tricks that make Finale a breeze to use. Walk through each step of the score creation process""”from starting a new document, to entering and spacing your music, to layout, extracting parts, and, finally, printing your score. Learn how to quicken your pace using special tricks, new features in Finale 2005, little-known options, and supplemental third-party plug-ins. Features:
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the most up-to-date version of Finale.
  • The author, an experienced technical support representative and quality assurance technician for Finale and other notation products, discusses the application" s features, screens commands and controls in a writing style free of jargon and techno-babble.
  • Intermediate and advanced users find helpful tricks and guidance through some of Finale's most cavernous regions, while step-by-step tutorials walk readers through the score creation process thus making it accessible even to beginners.
  • Companion Web site contains third-party plug-ins, fonts, examples and other materials. ©2004, 450 pages.