Final Cut Pro Workflows

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Product Overview

The Independent Studio Handbook Today's digital production tools empower the small team to produce multimedia projects that formerly required large teams. Orchestrating a production requires more than proficiency with the postproduction tools. Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook offers a cookbook of postproduction workflows that teams can follow to deliver an array of products to their clients. It describes appropriate postproduction workflows, team roles and responsibilities, and required equipment for some of the most common media productions. Combining the wisdom of traditional roles and responsibilities with an understanding of how FCP facilitates a new flexibility where these roles/responsibilities can be redistributed, this book sheds light on workflow processes and responsibilities, and includes 7 real-world workflows from a diverse range of projects:
  • Money-Saving Digital Video Archive
  • Long-Form Documentary with Mixed Sources
  • Web-Based Viewing and Ordering System
  • 30-Second Spot for Broadcast
  • Multi-Part TV Series with Multiple Editors
  • DVD Educational Supplement
  • Music Video with Multi-Cam Editing and Multiple Outputs The book also provides access to a companion website that features additional electronic chapters focusing on Final Cut Server, Apple's powerful new media asset management and workflow automation software. Written with a unique iconography to better convey key points and applicable to all levels of FCP users, Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook is a vital reference tool for every postproduction house. ©2008, 336 pages.
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