Fiddle Tunes for Two Cellos

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Product Number: 98150M
Format: Softcover & Online Audio
Difficulty: Beginning-Intermediate
ISBN: 978-15134-6770-2
Why should violinists have all the fun?
Stacy Phillips, America's foremost author of books for fiddlers, has turned his expertise to cello. Fiddle Tunes for Two Cellos contains 56 authentic renditions of fiddle tunes arranged in harmony for two cellos. Perfect for teacher/student duets or just expanding the cello repertoire. Play along with the downloadable online audio if you don't have another cellist nearby.
Contents include up tempo reels, jigs, waltzes, swing pieces and bluegrass songs. Beginners should check out the companion book, Stacy Phillips' Fiddle Tunes for Beginning Cello. Includes access to online audio. ©2021, 128 pages


Bill Cheatem       
Bishop of Bangor       
Black Nag       
Bully of the Town       
Careless Love       
Cobbler's Reel       
Cotton Eyed Joe       
Cowboy Jig       
Danish Waltz       
Did You Ever See the Devil Uncle Joe?       
Finnish Waltz       
Fire on the Mountain       
Golden Slippers       
Goodbye Liza Jane       
Gran Texas       
Harvest Home Hornpipe       
In the Pines       
Jesse Polka       
Joys of Wedlock       
June Apple       
Little Maggie       
Muddy Roads       
Old French       
Old Jawbone       
Old Madeira Waltz       
Peor es Nada       
Red Haired Boy       
Si Bheag Si Mhor       
Silver Bells       
Sitting on Top of the World       
Snow Deer       
Spanish Two Step       
Stealing Home       
Swedish Walking Tune       
Tableau Clog Dance       
Taking Off       
Texas Quick Step       
The Connaughtman's Rambles       
The Irish Washerwoman       
Thompson's Jig       
Tobin's Jig       
Tombigbee Waltz       
Train 45       
Turkey in the Straw       
Two Friends Quadrille       
Washington & Lee Swing       
Watermelon on the Vine       
Wayfaring Stranger       
Weave and Way       
Woodchoppers Reel       
Year of the Jubilo