Favorite Recorder Tunes - Beautiful Airs and Ballads of the British Isles

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Series: Favorite Recorder Tunes

Product Number: 30963

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 978-15134-6820-4

This exceptional collection of 41 truly beautiful airs and ballads from the British Isles offers both well-known tunes by the prolific blind Irish harpist, Turlough O’Carolan and rarely heard melodies by anonymous composers; all have stood the test of time. Arranged for soprano or tenor recorder, these include O’Carolan’s classically influenced “Lord Inchiquin” and “Eleanor Plunkett” as well as “O Gentle Dove” and “Cuckoo Dear”— both examples of the strong tradition of song in Wales. Among other tunes, the haunting modal melodies of “The Dark Slender Boy” and “Enchanted Valley” express the melancholic heart and soul of the British Isles.

A few of these songs have taken on a life of their own in modern times. “Bonny at Morn”, a popular traditional tune of northern England and Scotland, was arranged for soprano voice and harp by the 20th century British composer, Benjamin Britten. “The Skye Boat Song” originally recounted Bonnie Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s journey to the Isle of Skye after his defeat at the historic Battle of Culloden. Later, the song evolved into a lilting lullaby and was more recently used as the theme song for the popular Outlander television series.

Departing slightly from recorder notation practice, author Marcia Diehl has judiciously arranged these melodies complete with spare slur markings to aid the amateur player in authentically and musically rendering these tunes. ©2021, 44 pages


An Old Man He Courted Me
Believe Me if All Those Endearing Charms
Bonny at Morn
Caitlín Triall
Come by the Hills 
Cuckoo Dear
Dear Aileen, I’m Going to Leave You
Down by the Sally Gardens
Eamonn a’ Chnuic
Eleanor Plunkett
Emerald Musings
Enchanted Valley
Fanny Power
General Monroe’s Lament
Give Me Your Hand
I Wish I Were on Yonder Hill
I’m Asleep, Don’t Awaken Me
Jock O’Hazeldean
Kitty, My Love
Lord Inchiquin
My Home
O Gentle Dove
Once I Had a Sweetheart
Paistin Fionn
Planxty Irwin
Saint Patrick Was a Gentleman
She Moved Through the Fair
Sheebeg and Sheemor
Skye Air
Skye Boat Song 
Star of the County Down
Street Ballad
The Dark Island
The Dark Slender Boy
The Dawning of the Day
The Marsh of Rhuddlan
The Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow
The Sheep Under the Snow
The Young Black Cow
There Is a Long House at the Top of the Village
Wild Mountain Thyme