Faces of Music: 25 Years of Lunching with Legends

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On September 29, 1967, Mr. Bonzai attended his very first recording session at the invitation of John Lennon. The location was London's EMI Studios, now Abbey Road, and the song was I Am the Walrus. In attendance were George, Paul, Ringo, producer George Martin, and engineer Ken Scott. This privileged session with the most influential rock band in history set the stage for a life exploring the world of music and recording. In 1980, Mr. Bonzai settled in Hollywood to begin this collection of photographs and words of wisdom and wit. 'Mr. Bonzai takes you through the inner sanctums of the recording industry to meet artists, producers, and engineers who have shaped modern music. -- Phil Ramone, Producer (Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Frank Sinatra) In brilliant words and images, Mr. Bonzai digs deeply into the fine art of making music. -- Ray Manzarek, The Doors. 'A master of modern music photojournalism, Mr. Bonzai is the future of the past. -- Mark Mothersbaugh, Devo. 'Closed Session obviously means 'C" mon in!' to Mr. Bonzai. -- Chris Stone, founder of Record Plant Recording Studios. 'I laughed, I cried, I evolved into a higher life form. -- Weird Al Yankovic. We used Mr. Bonzai" s photos to open the film Laurel Canyon because he has such a striking eye for musicians at work in their environments. -- Catherine Hardwicke, production designer of Laurel Canyon, director of Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown. Part of the art of Mr. Bonzai is the ability to be invisible.... see... he's doing it now... -- Graham Nash, singer, songwriter, photographer. Features:
  • A uniquely valuable insider" s resource, this collection of interviews and exclusive photographs is perfect for any music fan or recording enthusiast.
  • Features excerpted selections from interviews with over 200 popular music artists, songwriters, producers, and recording engineers.
  • Spanning 20 years, each interview acts as a historical snapshot of where each artist" s career and the music industry were at the time.
  • Contains hundreds of rare, never-before published photographs of the artists taken during the interviews. ©2005, 372 pages.