F.I.T. - Showtrax CD

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Build Healthy Kids Through Songs and Activities SHOWTRAX CD ONLY Think F I T and build healthy kids in your school this year and have fun in the process! Learn how to develop good habits of healthy living through daily exercise (Frequency, Intensity, Time), drinking lots of water, eating a "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables, no junk food and much more. Perfect for classroom and performance, F.I.T. has been designed for students in grades 3 - 6. The Teacher Edition is filled with educational material from cover to cover including six fully accompanied songs, short narrations that set-up each song, choreography and staging ideas, reproducible vocal sheets, and extension ideas and reproducible activity sheets to reinforce these healthy habits. Available: Teacher Edition (HL7533) , Performance/Accompaniment CD (HL7534), and Classroom Kit (Teacher and P/A CD) (HL7535). Suggested for Grades 3-6. ©2008.