Extreme Drumset Solos for Recitals, Contests and Fun

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Product Overview

A must have for all drummers wanting to take their drumming to that extreme level of performance. Popular Mel Bay drum instructional author, Rob Leytham has written five drumset solos and three play-alongs that are fun and challenging to play. Instructors will love having new and dynamic material for recitals and contest. The five drumset solos are written in different styles: Rock, mozambique, 5/8 fusion, 6/8 Afro-Cuban, and a Double Bass Heavy Metal solo that will bring an audience to it" s feet when performed. With three play-alongs, the drummer can perform and solo to a Classical Rock song, a Christmas Song, and a Percussion Ensemble (including score) that is inspired by World Drumming music. A fun and challenging book for the intermediate drummer looking for something extreme.
  • Written by popular Mel Bay drum instructional author, Rob Leytham.
  • Solos written in different styles: Rock, Afro-Cuban, Mozambique, Fusion, and Heavy Metal.
  • Fresh and dynamic solos for recitals and Music Festivals.
  • Fun play-alongs for the drummer to perform and solo to.
  • Score for a percussion ensemble included. ©2010, Book - Beginning-Intermediate, 44 pages.
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