Experience Hendrix Book One -- Beginning Guitar Method

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The Experience Hendrix Guitar Method has been designed to guide you through a step-by-step process of learning music and guitar basics, using the songs of Jimi Hendrix! This book is for your if you are a:
Beginner -- you have little or no experience on the guitar.Novice -- you have some experience but need more instruction on guitar basics or music theory, or you just want to play Jimi's songs.Guitar Teacher or Student -- this is a fun, hip new way of teaching and learning the guitar.Or, if you just want to improve your music reading skills and understand how to read tablature and music notation.This book & CD package teaches you: Guitar Basics; Music Basics; Guidelines for Practicing; Tips on Caring for Your Guitar; Music/Guitar Theory; Scales; Chords; Transposing and Progressions; Basics of Songs; Blues; Reading Music; Hendrix Songs... and more.The accompanying CD includes actual Hendrix tracks to practice with and on-line support is provided by the Experience Hendrix website. ©1997, Book & CD.