Evolve: Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed!

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Product Overview

The role of Marketing is expanding, and along with it, best practices must be transformed. Today's marketer must understand the vast number of channels through which businesses communicate with their customers. They must also understand how to build meaningful relationships with consumers to spread awareness, build brand affinity, maximize word of mouth and drive external influence. The end goal is to create not just a customer, but also an advocate who becomes a purveyor of your brand.

This book will help you:

* Better understand the seismic shift in marketing that has taken place over the past 20 years.

* See clearly the opportunity to achieve marketing ROI rather than chasing meaningless metrics.

* Learn what brands are doing to achieve community and build loyal customers who spread their brand promise.

* Learn what brands really need to consider when investing in social media programs, and where you may have been misled.

* Build confidence that your marketing strategy aligns with the trends taking place in traditional and digital marketing.


Marketers must evolve, because marketing, as we know it, is doomed. But it isn't too late; in fact, you are in exactly the right place to start your journey into the future of marketing.  ©2015, 390 pages